Sort out Scam Jobs


Unfortunately, scam job posts appear in every job searching database. Even if a website is well moderated, this does not guarantee you'll never come across scam jobs or get job offerings from fake employers. This article was composed of job searching advice especially for you not to be hooked by scammers.

Learn More about the Company

Check the company's website, read the description if there is any. This might appear that the real registered company has got nothing in common with what is written in the job post. Find the company's contacts, look if they are correct. Finally, check if there are any jobs posted on this website and if they are the same to what you've come across. Sometimes a company's name does not even appear in a job post, or a company has got no website at all. In this case, it's highly possible that this job is not worth applying. Still if there is a company's name provided, spare your time on typing it in a browser along with the word "scam" and look through the search results.

Find out the Details

Feel free to ask about remuneration, if there's no clear information on it in the job post. Ask how much the company is going to pay per hour or if there is a fixed hourly payment.

You're not Alone

There are online scam catalogs provided by the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission. Check if the company is listed there as a scammer.

Never Pay

Scammers may invent whatever pretext to pinch money out of you. Remember that a trustworthy employer will never demand any payment for hiring.

Read references

Not only an employer can ask you to provide letters of recommendations, but you are also free to demand references. Call the referees and ask what sort of company it is. If there are no referees, this is actually suspicious, maybe this job is not worth applying.

A Typical Trick

Give up the idea of becoming fabulously rich just in a flash doing minor low-qualified work, working part time from home, doing data typing, etc.

Take Care

Some fake job postings are really well done, scammers stall their time and effort into writing a detailed description, trying to make it look decent at first sight. Be careful reading job offers, if there is a request for a bank account, this is 100% scam.