Sleeping at your job improves your memory


All working people can only dream about the daytime sleeping. But they can venture "a quarter of an hour" to sleep in front of the screen. And this time-off is extremely useful both for health and for the working efficiency. This was confirmed by scientists of the New York University, by the results of the special experiment which aroused great interest among the office workers and their bosses. First, all experiment participants were asked to remember a few phrases like "hand - a bracelet" or "foot – boot", and then they were divided into two groups - one went to sleep, others remained in the room with magazines, coffee, and background music.

After 30 minutes the relaxation was over. All were gathered together and asked to recall the phrase. Hand ... Hair??.. "- the guys from the first group strained themselves, worrying about an unfinished article or about the coffee on the table. "Hand - Watch"- clearly answered their comrades who enjoyed a fifteen-minute rest. After a siesta people remembered 15% more of the material. So, the conclusion is obvious: to sleep at work is necessary, but only for a short time. Daytime sleep should last from 15 to 30 minutes. If a person is awakened at the proper time, he or she wakes up fresh and happy, with good memory instead of a heap of the random impressions.

We hope that some day the labor legislation will have an omnibus clause where a quarter of an hour rest at a working place will be a precondition.