How to combine several jobs?


Time-management background

It is not so hard to imagine the life of a business woman heroine. Study, job, business meetings, and so on – she has everything on her schedule. No wonder that her main accessory is alarm clock which she always has in her bag with perfume and lipstick… But if you think that such a life-style is the destiny of the students and licentiates, you are wrong.

According to economists, the world labor market has been changing significantly for the last 50 years. The number of people employed in the manufacturing sector has decreased and but the number of qualified specialists has increased significantly. There is a growing number of people who combine several jobs. In other words, both men and women have to work harder. According to staff experts, there are several reasons that motivate people for double job.

One of them is the desire to earn more. Some people, once being unemployed, "stock up" the job for a rainy day or for additional fees. But others as a rolling stone willingly combine the stable, sometimes even not interesting job, with several jobbings. A striking example - the network administrator, working in a large company and moonlighting as a programmer for several small firms, or the literary editor, writing the articles for other publishing houses in the evening. But perhaps the brightest example is the writer JK Rowling, who worked as secretary in a British company, and between boss' errands she was able to write her books about Harry Potter. Many of those, not wishing to request additions to salary choose another way - overtime work for other companies.

Duel: you and your work

If you ever took orders for a job at home, worked in the evenings or at weekends, browsed the Internet for a temporary job, then you can guess what we are going to discuss. There are two kinds of side jobs. In the first case, you have a main job and a side job following your profession. This option is good for people working on a free schedule, but those who work "from start to finish" also often become "several-jobs-at-a-time" workers. Drivers after their shift work as taxi-drivers, hairdresser and masseur take clients at home; and teachers tutor. The second case is turning a hobby into an additional source of income.

For example, the selling assistant knits at home sweaters and jackets on the models sold in the shop where she works. But, even having a regular customer and subsidiary earnings, only a few decide to leave permanent job: first, they value stability, and secondly, they need to be in a working team.

Accident prevention

If you do not plan to quit, you'd better not tell your co-workers about your side job. Not every employer will appreciate even your off-hour additional job. Some people could interpret this as treason of the corporate interests or as insufficient workload and they will extremely load you.

In pursuit of additional earnings do not forget to take some time for relaxation and sports, friends and private life. By the way, there has been such a trend: owners of companies tend to leave their businesses and get hired as top managers. And if for example, 6 years ago, the transition of owners into getting hired was due to high competition, but now the reasons are different. Some owners are simply bored, some of them are not satisfied with the scope of business, and to change something, they need to earn additional funds and, of course, to risk. In their turn, employers have changed their attitude to professionals trying to occupy several places at a time. It is obvious that there are not enough highly experts on the labor market. Moreover, specialists, who work in a successful company, are able to bring fresh ideas in the company's business. After all, "several-jobs-at-a-time" workers according to the experts of the labor market are self-confident people, able to quickly and accurately perform their work, clearly planning their time.

Moreover, they are independent enough to take full responsibility for their actions. If you associate yourself with the number of these specialists, then feel free to look for a second job. You are sure to make a go of it!