Middle-aged Applicants


Nowadays most businesses hire younger staff, but there is still a wide range of choice for aged applicants to find a job. Older workers are hardly less adaptable, often possess rare and complex intellectual capital, provide longer and more reliable service to their employers, and have fewer accidents, injuries and lose their jobs less often than their younger "competitors".

Indeed, the accumulated knowledge and networking abilities of older workers should have considerable value for knowledge and service-based firms. Therefore, age contributes to determining the value of individual's human capital the logic being that an older person would have accumulated greater human capital in both education and experience. From a human capital perspective, older and more experienced workers would be preferred when considering a firm's human capital accumulation…

If you have to compete with a younger applicant, to get a desirable job position you need to follow some rules:

  1. Making your resume you should emphasize your achievements in the past. It will be your superiority against a younger competitor, who may have no experience at all.
  2. Your resume would be strictly checked as well as you yourself. Employer will search for slips and mistakes in your work history as well as for profits you made at your previous workplaces, and whether you can bring some benefit to your new job. If you have changed your work too often and in short time periods, it can alert your potential employer.
  3. Refresh your knowledge in the field you are going to work in. You should remain up-to-date and get familiar with all innovations.
  4. Use Internet to enlarge your chances to find a job. In the net you have an opportunity to widen search criteria in job location, salary and type of job.

There are some professions where age doesn't play any role. Some businesses disregard applicant's age and some even prefer aged employee as they understand that young person rarely can be a good specialist:

  • Big companies prefer to invite aged business coach or psychologist with large experience.
  • In medical field more experienced doctors are more popular than their younger co-workers.